A Trilogy of Adventure

A Captain Without A Ship, Those That Stayed & Those That Left, &

The Final Beginning

This set of three adventure novels, each being around 30,000 words, began out of a need to develop beginning readers phonetical foundation. The first book, A Captain Without A Ship, was created as the main component for a teachers reading manual. This story is the core for the reading program called Read A-way.

A Captain Without A Ship is about “Captain Jeff”, the sailor, who weaves a tale of adventure and excitement as he becomes stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean. The island appears deserted, but proves to have an assortment of strange and unique creatures. Two of these creatures become close friends with the Captain and go through fantastic adventures with him on the island, under the sea, and all the way to outer space and back.

After nearly a decade two additional books were written to complete the Captain’s adventures. With Those That Stayed & Those That Left, and The Final Beginning the Captain’s tale is brought to an amazing “beginning.”

These last two books were written for the completion of the story line created in the first book. The Captain and friends continue their adventures together, along with a diverse collection of additional characters. From Spanish speaking wheeled aliens, to a physically handicapped African prince, the story takes the reader on an enlightening experience that will keep them entertained as well as emotionally stimulated.

In a world where every adventure has an end, Captain Jeff’s tale does not. As one exciting happening blends into the next, the story comes full circle and ends with the beginning. The last line of the final book is the first line of the first book.

These books are for beginning readers, but are enjoyed by readers of all ages. The possibilities for developing young readers imagination, phonetical awareness, and expansive creativity are boundless. Many tales have been told along these lines, but each new generation is entitled to their own version.

Those That Stayed & Those That Left

Now that you’ve finished the first book of the trilogy (and you must or you’ll get lost) see the Captain in his glory coordinating two groups on the island. The group one is creating an island home for the wheeled aliens who will stay on the island, while group two works at resurrecting and refurbishing the sunken spaceship to return to Mars.

Both groups accomplish their goals, but some unexpected problems arise and the Captain has more unbelievable adventures. You’ll be surprised to see what happens to the Captain as he makes some poor choices with his behavior. The adventures he and his friends go through will make you laugh and shake your head at what troubles the Captain gets himself into. Even though the book ends with a new sort of beginning, it takes on a path of its own. It will surprise you and make you eager to get to the last book of the trilogy. “The Final Beginning”.

The Final Beginning

After the Captain is happily married with thoughts of more space travel on his mind, see how new problems lead the Captain into multi-cultural confusion that is both humorous and eye opening. Once again the Captain’s style and his direct approach to everything leads him down a trail that, as well as humorous, is emotionally charged. Though the Captain eventually saves the day for others, in the process he is shaken to his core with a tragedy of his own. Somehow Captain Jeff makes a decision as to how to handle all that has taken place, which surprisingly evolves into the final solution for the remaining therss islanders. As the three are whisked off by an element of the past, it places the three in just the right situation of each. Who would have guessed that the end of the tale could be the beginning.