About Jeff Coleman aka “Captain Jeff”

CJLP cast1With reading as the impetus for his educational endeavor, Jeff Coleman aka “Captain Jeff”, created a reading program based on storytelling. The reaction to his initial storytelling was so good that it fueled the fires of creativity in Coleman that lead him in directions he could never have imagined.

Coleman, who was born in Lincoln Neb. And spent his school years in Fargo ND, was a stand out athlete and lived in Fargo into his early 20’s. At that time his wanderlust took over and he went out to explore the world. His solo exploring included hitch hiking from coast to coast many times. Also Coleman hitched deep into Mexico, across Canada and all over central Europe. In the mid 70’s he did extensive backpacking in the Grand Canyon as well as being married at the bottom of it on Easter Sunday morning at sunrise. He now has hiked over 450 miles in the Canyon.

At 46 Coleman went back to school and became a primary school teacher, where he taught for 10 years. His teaching and his work with little league, with his own boys, and genuine joy of life were the inspiration for his storytelling. This in time, evolved into his novel, A Captain Without A Ship, and subsequent reading program, Read A-way. His 2nd grade students were a perfect audience and his many experiences gave ample material for the story line. Two sequels came a decade later. Those That Stayed & Those That Left, & The Final Beginning.

As well as his book, Coleman has produced an educational children’s TV show through Access television entitled “Captain Jeff’s Learnin’ Place”. The show is based on the book and has activities from his reading program and much more.

To promote his books and programs Coleman has spread the tale of Captain Jeff across the country through storytelling at Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs & libraries. He has been warmly received and was one of the featured storytellers at 2010’s Tucson Festival of Books.