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Read A Way App

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Read A-way app incorporates both slides of the brain in a phonetic reading program based on the use of storytelling. It provides learners with fine motor skill use as well as video & picture pop outs making Captain’s storytelling come alive.

With Retelling Sheets, Review Sheets, & “undrawings” for each chapter of the 32 chapter novel, Read A-way captures the learners attention, developes valuable decoding skills, increases comprehension, and heightens creativity. Each chapter of Captain’s tale focuses on a different word family (ex. op, ip, ump) and in the word building section creates words using 52 consonant & consonant blends with each of the 32 families to develop some 500 words as well as sight words acquired in the highlighted text.

Wishing to be realistic Captain Jeff weaves a tale of adventures and treasures on an island in the middle of the ocean. The video of his storytelling is followed up with a word for word highlighted text that incorporates real pictures and live video pop-outs of people, places, and things in our world. Taking the learner on an adventure into the jungle, to the bottom of the ocean, and all the way to outer space and back.

Instructors use

Teachers in main stream classrooms, charter schools, home schools, one on one with parents, ESL instruction, and adult education will all find usefull tools to develop valuable life long reading skills.

Program includes

*An explanation of the program by Captain Jeff

*Live videos of Captain Jeff telling his tale chapter by chapter

*A highlighted text accompanied by the Captain’s storytelling audio

*Picture and video pop-outs within the highlighted text

*Printable Story Retell sheets (for comprehension of the story line)

*Printable Chapter Review sheets (for comprehension of details of the story, word building, poetry creation, adjective search, and story predicting)

*Printable “undrawings” (drawings done and then mostly erased, allowing the learner to complete each undrawing in their own style making them their own illustrator and locking in what was read by using the left side of the brain also.)

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