Read A-Way Program

Read A-Way Program

Read A-way is a unique reading program based on the use of exciting storytelling.

Read A-way is a reading program created to develop young children’s letter sounds. It was my entire reading program and I had wonderful results in my 2″” grade classroom. The emphasis of the program is phonetic awareness, decoding skills. comprehension, and imagination. Jeff Coleman

Read A»way uses Captain Jeff tale A Captain Without A Ship to capture the interest of the learner. Once done it incorporates activities to strengthen letter sounds, develop decoding skills. poetry awareness, and adjective usage. In addition there are creative drawings with each chapter of the program which petsonalizes the early reading experience. All this while expanding their imagination.

Read A-way is ideal for emergent readers of all ages, special education, home schooling, ESL instruction. and adult education.

Proggam includes
*Phonetic word building
*Story retelling
*Poetry creation
*Adjective search
*Story predicting
*“Flip Books”
*Word Relay

Book includes
*Text w/ numbered lines,
chapter review sheets, and
“undrawings” per chapter.
*DVDs of Capt. Jeff‘s tale
*Program explanation
*List of visual aids
*Word list for word families *
*Fish patterns for word wall
*AlphJConsonant charts

Watch an explanation of Read A-way below!

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