Captain Jeff’s Mission

Captain Jeff’s Literary Goals


  • Put Read A-way, the unique reading program, in the hands of every primary school teacher in the US and all countries that speak English. By either hard copy or app.
  • Put the novels, A Captain Without A Ship, Those That Stayed & Those That Left, & The Final Beginning in the hands of children between 8 & 15 years of age.
  • Have “Captain Jeff’s Learnin’ Place”, the children’s educational TV show, produced and aired nationally.
  • Have the trilogy of Captain Jeff’s adventures made into a feature film by a prominent movie producer.


Captain Jeff’s Storytelling Goals


  • Tell the Captain’s tale of adventure to as many children as possible across the United States and every English speaking country on the planet.
  • Inspire children to focus on their life’s dreams and continually pursue them daily.
  • Help children to develop a genuine love of both the written and spoken word.