A Captain Without A Ship

A Captain Without A Ship




Captain Jeff, a sailor of the seven seas, weaves a tale of adventure and excitement as he becomes stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean. The island appears deserted, but proves to have an assortment of strange and unique creatures. Captain Jeff has one harrowing encounter after another. Form tigers, pirates, cannibals, to a man-eating shark, the captain manages to stay alive by depending on new friends.

After an encounter with a hungry tiger, Captain Jeff builds a secure fort then befriends Wah-to-dee, a huge hairy creature and Kah-loo-wee, a Spanish speaking mermaid. The three become close friends and go through fantastic adventures on the island, under the sea, and all the way to outer space and back.

The story, initially created as a starting point of 2nd grade reading program, was written by Jeff Coleman. Developed from storytelling, the 32 chapters excite the young listeners and leave them hanging in suspense to find out what happens to Captain Jeff and his friends. This tale of adventure is jam packed with wonders and many life lessons for readers of all ages.

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