Those That Stayed & Those That Left

Those That Stayed & Those That Left




Now that you’ve finished the first book of the trilogy (and you must or you’ll be lost) see the captain in his glory coordinating two groups on the island. The one group is creating an island home for the wheeled aliens who will stay on the island, while the other group works at resurrecting and refurbishing the sunken spaceship to return to Mars. Both groups accomplish their goals, but some unexpected problems arise and the Captain has more unbelievable adventures. You’ll be surprised to see what happens to the Captain as he makes some poor choices with his behavior. The adventures he and his friends go through will make you laugh and shake you head at what trouble the Captain gets himself into. Even though the book ends with a new sort of beginning, it takes on a path of it’s own. It will surprise you and make you eager to get to the last book of the trilogy.

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