Read A Way

A phonetic reading program

based on the use of storytelling

Form the novel

A Captain Without A Ship

The adventures & treasures

of Captain Jeff

“To teach anyone you

first must get their attention.”  CJ



A Captain Without A Ship



Read A-way incorporates both sides of the brain in a phonetic reading program based on the use of storytelling. It provides learners with fine motor skill involvement as well as video and picture pop outs to make Captain’s storytelling come alive.

With Retelling sheets, Review Sheets, and “undrawings” for each chapter of the 32 chapter novel, Read A-way captures the learners attention, develops valuable decoding skills, increases comprehension, and heightens creativity. Each chapter of Captain’s tale focuses on a different word family (ex. up, ip, ump) and in the word building section creates words using 52 consonant St consonant blends with each of the 32 families to develop some 500 words as well as sight words acquired in the highlighted text.

Wishing to be realistic Captain Jeff weaves a tale of adventures and treasures on an island in the middle of the ocean. The video of his storytelling is followed up with a word for word highlighted text that incorporates teal pictures and live video pop—outs

Watch an explanation of Read A-way below!