Story Telling

Captain Jeff

International Dramatic Storyteller

Enjoy this children’s dramatic storytelling show. Grades K-4.

Captain Jeff weaves a tale of fun and adventure that will entertain and inspire. Originally created for a elementary school reading program, the show comes with magical sea shells for all children. The shells are a focus for each child to follow their dreams.

After cross-country storytelling shows for the last six years at Libraries, YMCAs, & B&G Clubs, the Captain is ready to tell his tale to your children.

Captain Jeff’s storytelling was developed into a traveling storytelling show. Initially instigated by Jeff Coleman’s mother, the 30 minute show which includes two chapters from A Captain Without A Ship, a 9 foot by 8 foot island back drop, three peppy songs, and magical sea shells for each listener. The shells are used as a focus to follow your dreams. The story is entertaining as well as inspiring and has been told cross-country for seven years at Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs, and libraries (see some past shows).

          “I like the way he changed his voice!” “I liked his peppy songs” “Excellent storyteller!” “I wish he was my dad!” These are just a few of the comments children made after I told my story at elementary schools in Tucson.

Captain Jeff’s storytelling show has recently been filmed and will run on local Tucson Access TV stations in its entirety. Contact if interested 520-370-8051

2009 Tour

Cottonwood, AZ – BGC

Sedona, AZ – BGC

Flagstaff, AZ – YMCA

Glenwood Springs, Colo. – Sp. Ed. Program

Fort Collins, Colo. – BGC

Cheyenne, Wyo. – BGC

Gillette, Wyo. – BGC

Rapid City, SD – Boys Club

Detroit Lakes, Minn. – Methodist Church

Round Lake, Minn. – 4th July Social

Cormorant Lake, Minn. – YMCA

2010 Tour

Albuquerque, NM – BGC

Colorado Springs, Colo. – BGC

Fort Collins, Colo. – BGC

Cheyenne, Wyo. – BGC

Rapid City, SD – Storybook Island

Rapid City, SD – Boys Club

Gillette, Wyo. – BGC

Bismarck, ND – YMCA

Moorhead, Minn. – Public Library

Fertile, Minn. – Public Library

Hendrum, Minn. – Public Library

2011 Tour

Oxnard , Calif. – BGC

Santa Barbara, Calif. – BGC

King’s Beach, Calif. – BGC

Reno, Nevada, – BGC

Park Rapids, Minn. – Public Library

Fargo, ND – Public Library

2012 Tour

Truth or Consequences, NM – Apple Tree Ed. C.

Kerrivelle, Texas – YMCA

San Antonio, Texas – BGC

Houston, Texas – YMCA

Beaumont, Texas – Roger’s Park Com. Center

Shreveport, Louisiana – BGC

Dallas, Texas – BGC

McAlester, Oklahoma – BGC

Kansas City, Missouri – Main Library

Detroit Lakes, Minn. – Main Library

Tamarac Resort, Minn. – Lake resort

2013 Tour

Flagstaff, AZ – YMCA

Page, AZ – Public Library

Ely, NV – Public Library

Elko, NV – BGC

Tumwater, WA – BGC

Victoria Island, CAN – Library

Missoula, MT – BGC

Helena, MT – Public Library

Helena, MT – YMCA

Butte, MT – Public Library

Bismarck, ND – Public Library



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