Educator’s comments on Read A-way


As a phonetic based reading specialist for over three decades I was impressed by the focused energy that was created by Mr. Coleman’s reading program. His students were attentive listeners, active participants, and willing readers. The advances in reading skills, by the children, were exceptional year after year.

Patricia MacArthur

Reading Specialist


With the challenges in the elementary classroom I’ve found that Captain Jeff’s reading program incorporates all aspects of a complete reading program and stimulates students.

In addition to this, Captain Jeff’s “undrawings” include the left side of the brain in the reading process, as well as creating life long illustrations for each child’s copy of the book.

Dr. Maria Vanegas

Bilingual 2nd grade teacher


Being a primary-aged teacher for over twenty years I find that Jeff Coleman’s reading program truly captivates the imaginations of young readers. Almost unknowingly they become more competent readers as they get caught-up in Captain Jeff’s exciting tales.

Debra Tindall

Primary teacher


I want just to express my gratitude for your Read A-way book “A Captain Without A Ship”. I used it at Schumaker and now I use it at Erickson. My kids like your book. It is a lot of fun, very engaging. They pay attention, which means a lot. They usually wait with anticipation what will be next. When kids are motivated they learn much better and your book is a good example of it. Thank you so much for your great book that helps kids have fun and learn!

Irina Toropina

Special Ed Teacher

Tucson, AZ