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An educational children’s TV show for early readers, that through the use of storytelling,  phonetic practice, exercise, nutritional instruction, creative drawing, and exposure to virtues: children will develop their imagination, their reading and drawing skills, an understanding and appreciation of nutrition and exercise, as well as a strong sense of right and wrong. The show ran regularly twice a week for three years on a local Tucson Access TV station. Now is put in the schedule when it is needed.

Captain Jeff’s Movie Concept

In a small sea port town on the eastern seaboard, in the late 1800s, a small group of raggedly dressed young teens were exploring a series seemingly abandon houses down by the docks. Throwing rocks and trying to find an unlocked door that would provide them with entertainment.

As they reached the end of the street they spied an old unique looking house with no lights showing and plenty of cover from neighbor’s searching eyes. Upon trying the door knob they find the door is unlocked and they all quickly duck inside.

What they find amazes each and every one of them. Everywhere they look they see wonderful treasures of the sea. Anchors, huge sea shells, fishing nets, telescopes, and … someone sitting in a large lounge chair in front of a fire. They get scared and all turn to leave when they hear.

“Do you kids like a good story?”

A small little girl with a dirty face and a cap turns and sticks her head into the room and asks, “What’s it about?”

To this she gets a reply, “Oh it’s about tigers, pirates, cannibals, man-eating sharks, aliens, friendship, and a lot more. You know the regular stuff.”

This sparks everyone’s attention and they all move into the room and slowly sit in front of the big lounge chair that holds a real old man. He was wearing an eye patch on one eye and an earring on one ear. On top of his head was a bandana that is covered with different colored roses.

As everyone takes their place on the floor one of the boys asks, “Are there any kids in the story?”

The old man replies, “Not in the first part, but there are some real great kids later on and do they get into a lot of exciting adventures.”

The little girl with the dirty face speaks up again and asks, “So how does this story begin mister?”

Upon hearing this the old man sits up in his chair, adjusts his bandana, secures his eye patch and looks each child square in the face. Then he says, “The year was 1824. It was a dark and stormy night and I Captain Jeff was on my ship all by myself…”


From here the screen fades to black and then into the story of A Captain Without A Ship, (every so often the film is interrupted by one of the kids comments, and then after the Captain’s explanation, goes back to the story.)

The two sequel books, Those That Stayed & Those That Left and The Final Beginning can to be used as two follow up movie sequels.

  Jeff Coleman