Characters, Blog #3

Captain Jeff

A book, like a good friend, should be treated with respect. It took a lot to make each.

Good day to you all,

Well, here we are at our third blog. I thought to get you acquainted with the characters in my tale I would let you read some simple limericks I came up with for each. I’ll only do myself, the Captain, and Wah-to-dee today. I will do the others as time goes by. They will give you an idea as to the personalities of each.

I am now on my way back to San Diego to begin my work at spreading my reading program to the children of the world. I figured that San Diego would be a good place to start and go from there. I plan to contact schools, libraries, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs, and anyone who is interested in teaching children how to read and follow their dreams. If you take a look at Read A-way on my site you will see the program and how it works. Thanks for being interested enough to read along as I blog my efforts and ambitions.

Captain Jeff             4/17/11

Captain Jeff washed up on a shore

One that few people had ever been before

He seemed to be all alone

Very far from his home

And would soon have adventures galore


Wah-to-dee was one of the island’s hairy creatures

Along with hair he had many distinctive features

Wah-to-dee is all he said

He slept without using a bed

And turned out to be one of the Captain’s many teachers

Later Captain Jeff





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