How it happened

Television is to imagination as a wet blanket is to a fire.

How It Happened

“Our k-3 reading scores are low as well as our Monday attendance We need a solution for both!” Elementary school Principal 1999

Captain Jeff’s storytelling is born!

“First I’ll tell ’em a good tale ta get ’em to school on Monday.” Captain Jeff

“Then I’ll have them retell it back to me for comprehension.” Mr. Coleman

Additional elements
(added to make Read A-way a unique reading program) Storytelling & retelling Story predicting & “undrawings”
Phonetic word building “Flip books” & “Word Relay”
Poetry creation & adjective search

1st year’s average increase in reading levels

Kindergarden teachers 2
1st & 2nd grades 5 to 6

Mr. Coleman’s class 17

My entire program Read A-way includes DVDs of Captain Jeff telling his tale chapter by chapter. The text has numbered lines and review sheets for each chapter. The review sheets include: Comprehension questions, word building, poetry creation, adjective search, and story predicting.
To engage the other side of the brain I’ve included “undrawings” with each chapter. In addition there are supplemental activities to support the phonetics. For a detailed explanation go to my website and read more. Thanks.

Jeff Coleman aka “Captain Jeff”


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