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A story is like a peach. There are juicy parts, but there’s always pits.

Hi all,

Today I have gotten my storytelling trailer link on my home page on my website. So, now I have the tailer and the reading program, Read A-way, easily available on my site. Check them out. Between the two you can see what The Captain is all about.

I have been working on this since I started telling my tale in 1999, and have had such fun creating it all that to be at this point is almost fantasy. It has been a wonderful process and one that I will take to my grave with a smile on my face.

I would like to introduce a couple more characters of my story so you can get a feel for the variety of personalities that are involved. On my last blog I told you about Wah-to-dee, and I didn’t even know what his name was going to be until I said it during my telling that day to the children. It was amazing and from that I developted the other names. I wanted them to be all phonic based and that’s what I did. Today I will expose you to a few more characters. Enjoy. Captain Jeff.


Dee-to-wah was Wah-to-dee’s loving mate

She got angry if Wah-to-dee was ever late

She chewed her mate’s ear

Grooming him with no fear

And quite ofter found herself in a jealous state


Kah-loo-wee was a mermaid in dire straights

She was being prepared for cannibal’s diner plates

The Captain and Wah-to-dee saved the day

Chasing the cannibals away

And the three combined to seal each other’s fates.


Pah-poo-lee was Kah-loo-wee’s gentle dad

Kah-loo-wee was the only child that he had

He was grateful she was saved

Angry at how the cannibal’s had behaved

For if he lost her he would truly be sad


Mah-moo-tee was Kah-loo-wee’s abandon mother

Left on Mars without even a brother

They took away her wheels

Gave her little for meals

And when she was saved she was happy like no other

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