Newsletter # 2

The Captain’s Corner
Newsletter # 2

Captain Jeff – How it happened.

After about 5 years teaching I seemed to have gotten a grip on what my were to be
in working with the children in my classroom. They were pretty basic. I needed to give the kids a good foundation in the sounds of their letters while making it fun and creative. So, how could I do this?
At this time in my career I was playing around with the idea of somehow incorporating storytelling into my curriculum. I wasn’t sure how, but I thought it would be fun for both me and the children. I didn’t know what story to tell, but had a desire to tell…something.
I happened at a staff meeting. As the school year had been started and was on its third month our staff was gathered at a morning staff meeting. My principal for the tri-lingual school (English, Spanish, & Yoeme) explained to us that the comprehension scores of the children and the Monday attendance were very low and we needed to do something to bring both up. Captain Jeff was born.
I thought I would tell an exciting tale of adventure on Monday morning. Hoping the children would show up to hear the next part of the tale. Then I would have them tell the tale of the day back to me. Not worrying about spelling, but just tell me what the Captain did in the tale.
I was off and running. Where the “captain” idea came from I’m not sure, but I always enjoyed the story of Swiss Family Robinson & Robinson Crusoe. So, I started with a ship wreck and then wash up on an island in the middle of the ocean. Where I’d go from there I wasn’t sure. In the following years I started the year with a movie & popcorn for the first day of school. The kids didn’t quite know what to make of it, but at second grade in Tucson Az. Ocean, rain forest, and1800’s sailing vessels were kind of out of their imagination. I had to give them a sense of the tale. I had begun.
Home life
At this point in my home life I was still coaching and had to add on a room to our converted horse stable home. The boys needed a room of their own and we needed a bathroom we didn’t have to walk outside to get to. So, along with everything going on I used my summer to tear into our tiny little place and added on. Our little house got the front page in the local paper. We felt like celebrities, even though we didn’t have air conditioning for 19 years living there. During the summer monsoons it was torture. Our kitchen was 9’X19’ and we only had one drawer. (for 19 years) Unbelievable.

Teacher: “This essay on your dog is, word for word, the same as your brother’s.”
Student: “Yes, sir, it is the same dog.”

Saying of the month
Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.
Tony Robbins

Acronym w/ poem (virtues)



Availability has a spectrum that includes many things,
You must try & be accessible to both peasants & kings.

The physical presence of you must certainly be there,
Often more important your mind & heart you must share.

It’s like standing in a rain storm with an umbrella in hand,
Then sharing you dryness, with one who hadn’t planned.

Though dryness is a comfort being appreciated by all,
Lending an ear to one’s problems helps them stand tall.

So, try and be available to whoever you meet,
Be it at home or at work or just out on the street.

“available as a oranges in Florida” JC

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