San Diego – ready to start

A story is like a peach. There are juicy parts, but there’s always pits.


Hello all,

The Captain and “Alanna Loo” are working away at organizing Captain Jeff Enterprises. We are getting ready to contact as many people on the west coast that will listen to us and want us to do a show for them. We listed all the elementary schools in the area, all the libraries, YMCAs, and Boys & Girls Clubs. Many parks and rec. centers and are set to glue our ears to the phones. We have a valuable message and a reading program to match. We hope to put things in motion next week. Wish us luck so our voices will hold out. Best to you all.

Captain Jeff & Alanna Loo

Here’s one I wrote in 2009 when I had finished my first storytelling tour.


As humans we flounder without faith in our life,

It’s like dicing tomatoes using only a dull knife.

Whatever you belief or what path you go down,

Having faith in yourself will make your life sound.

It makes it sound easy when put down in rhyme,

But faith is elusive and is lost all the time.

Without it our struggles grow bigger each day,

And life seems like all work without any play.

So, believe in your person and all that you do,

‘Cause faith in yourself turns gray skies to blue.

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