Success by persistence!

To try at anything will only give you learning and strength

Here’s wishing you a happy holidays and the ability to keep working at what is important to each one of you. I’ve been attempting to straighten out a problem I have with Amazon. It’s a long story, but the only way that I can make things right is to keep after it. Amazon is such a series of answering machines with minimal person contact that it’s a laborious process. It has been going on for months, with little results. Wish me luck. I often read the following poem I wrote a number of years ago. Good luck to each of you with similar problems.

Persistence 7/09

Persistence is something that helps get things done,
Whether while working on projects or just having fun.

It’s like the lowly salmon swimming up stream to spawn,
He persists in his efforts each day at first dawn.

For a person to succeed at whatever they do,
They must stick to their plan, never becoming askew.

I once knew a man who tried many things,
But was easily distracted by telephone rings.

So, if you’re to finish what has value to you,
Be sure to be persistent and work ’til you’re through.

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