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The path to your future is paved with words … watch your step.

Hey there everybody, 9/18/15

I’ll be starting my blog for ya all today. It’s Captain Jeff here and I’ll be keeping you all informed as to my schedule and talking about the importance of reading and trying to do your best.

I’ve just finished my summer storytelling tour and had a wonderful time. My partner on my tour was Alanna Lou and she did a great job welcoming the kids and introducing me for each show. The shows were all wonderful and the kids were great. We traveled 9000 miles, went through 9 states, across 4 Canadian providences, and did 13 shows. We also gave out almost 1000 magical sea shells so kids could use them to follow their dreams. All in all it was a fabulous tour.

We now are planning on setting up our home base in San Diego, Ca. We will be giving shows in the area at schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA, and any place that values reading and following your dreams. Keep your eyes and ears open, ’cause we plan to make a difference in the way kids look at reading and their futures. We even are trying to get Ellen to have us on her show. Time will tell and you’ll be the first to know when it happens.

I guess that’s enough info for the first blog entry, so I’ll just say, “Later” and let you read the feedback we got from the shows we did this summer.

Remember, “It’s not what ya look like, it’s what ya arrrrrrre!” CJ

Great job on entertaining the kids. They really loved the shells.”

Calvin Mass – Santa Barbara Ca. Boys & Girls Club

“Great presentation!”

Yari Comparan – Stockton Ca. Boys & Girls Club

“The children really enjoyed the show! For large groups, a microphone would be nice. One that clips to your shirt.”

Linda Delles – Shasta Ca. Family YMCA

Kids loved it!”

Gary Taylor – Medford Or. YMCA

Very funny & the kids really enjoyed it!”

Michele Zon – Glenwood Springs, Co. Recreation Center

“It was great! Thanks.”

Olivia Escobedo – Omaha Neb. Boys & Girls Club

The children really enjoyed themselves!”

Tracy Jehala – Bismarck ND. Veterans Memorial Library

Kids were very attentive and engaged with the story line. They were very entertained and loved the story session. Thank you for your time.”

Monica Own – Tacoma, Wa. Boys & Girls Club

Great story! Kids were very engaged.”

Jill Bogin – Tumwater Wa. Boys & Girls Club

“Great Show! Kids really enjoyed it!”

Lana Tillotson – Napa Ca. Boys & Girls Club

“As someone who understands literature I really appreciate the great literary aspects of your story.”

Lexi Felton – Stockton Boys & Girls Club

His story was great! We had a room full of captivated children and staff! Five stars!”

David Spanler – Santa Rosa, Ca. Boys & Girls Club

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